GEO 600 Location

Route to GEO 600

GEO 600 is situated between Hannover and Hildesheim, 20 km south of Hannover.
From Hannover: Take the road B6 ("Messeschnellweg") to the South and turn right at the sign "Sarstedt/Heisede". Turn right to Heisede, then left at the sign "Schulenburg/Ruthe". After entering Ruthe turn right. After crossing the Leine river, turn right at the EXPO sign (resp. at the white sign "Universität Hannover/Versuchsgelände", resp. at the green sign "Schäferberg"). Drive along the tree nursery to the gate at its end.

Ground map

Index: 1 = main building; 2 = workshop; 3 = presentation container; 4 = north end house, P = parking lot; o = transmitter mast; H = bus stop.

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