The Location of GEO 600

The GEO600 detector is located in Northern Germany about 25 km south of the city of Hannover. This map shows the area between Hannover and Hildesheim with the detector (in red) roughly drawn to scale. In blue you can see the Leine river which runs approximately 300 m off the detector. The river level is about 9 m below that of the detector.

With the help of colleagues of the "Institut fuer Erdmessung" of the University of Hannover we have determined the exact positions of the GEO600 mirrors. The use of a GPS system gave the relative positions with an accuracy of about 2-5 mm and of about 5 cm with respect to the geocentre.

The following coordinates refer to the WGS84 coordinate system (values given in metres):
Beam Splitter 3856311.2 666597.8 5019640.6
Northern Mirror 3855935.6 666266.5 5019971.0
Eastern Mirror 3856044.1 667117.7 5019776.0

or the same in more common units (latitude, longitude, height [m]):
Beam Splitter 5214'42.528" 948'25.894" 114.425
Northern Mirror 5214'59.947" 948'11.982" 114.55
Eastern Mirror 5214'49.634" 948'55.217" 114.55

The orientation of the arms is 334 03' 25" (NNW) and 68 23' 18" (ENE), forming an angle of 94 19' 53".

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