The Optical Layout of GEO 600

The technical drawing shows the optical layout of GEO 600, to see a larger part of the picture just klick on it (however, each of the pictures will be approximately 10 to 30 kB). The unsplitted picture is available as zipped Postscript (, ).
The drawing has been made by Roland Schilling.

FI: Faraday Isolator
CP: Compensation Plate
T: Tank
MU: Mounting Unit
PC: Pockels Cell
L: Lens
BT: Beam Telescope
   SR: Signal Recycling
PR: Power Recycling
MC: Mode Cleaner
M: Mirror
PD: Photo Diode
BD: Beam Director

The small green arrows indicate beam waists.
The greenish rectangles inside the tanks close to the walls are support platforms for the vibration isolation stacks. They restrict the area where the optical components can be placed.
The large blue boxes represent the optical tables.
Optical components are coloured in a light blue with black borders exept of those which (partially) reflect light, which are drawn in a darker shade of blue.
The thickness of the beams is drawn according to their real diameter, whereas the colour of the beams indicate the intensity: the stronger the red of the beam the higher the intensity.

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