The Vacuum System of GEO 600

The vacuum tubes for GEO 600 have been manufactured and welded by the Hans Skodock GmbH in Hannover. The basic unit consists of 0.75 m long corrugated pieces of stainless steel with 60 cm diameter, 0.9 mm thickness, and a mass of about 20 kg. Six pieces each are welded at the supplier. After cleaning, these 3 m tubes have been joint together at the site by means of an orbital welding machine. The tubes are suspended at thin steel cables within a trench. The suspension consists of rotating disks mounted on a rail. So the tube can be rotated during welding and pushed into the trench afterwards.

The welder at work. A closer look at one
of the many welds.
The tube in the trench.
(Click on a picture in order to obtain a larger one.)

This schematic diagram shows the vacuum system of GEO 600.

Gate Valve
             Here you can obtain the sketch in parts:

[North Building]

[Central Cluster]

[East Building]

The drawing has been made by Kasem Mossavi (Version 070406).

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