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Born in 1943. High-school diploma 1963. Army 1963-65. Since 1965 course of studies in physics at the Technical University of Hannover (now: University of Hannover). Diploma 1970. Since 1971 Ph.D. student at the Institute for Experimental Physics A (head: Prof. Dr. Andreas Steudel). Dr. rer. nat. 1977. Job as scientific employee at the Section Spectroscopy of the Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (@mpS). Since April 1, 1993 Prof. Dr. Karsten Danzmann is head of the Section.

Scientific work:
Initially my main area of interest was atomic physics, especially the spectroscopy of free atoms. At the same time I dealt with the application of lasers in medicine (especially in dermatology) and with the production of thin dielectric films for optical applications. Now I'm a member of a team (GEO 600) trying to detect gravitational waves (a prediction of Einstein's theory of General Relativity). - A summary:

  • Spectroscopy of free atoms

  • Laser applications in medicine

  • Synthesis and performance of thin films for optical applications

  • Gravitational wave detector GEO 600

    Since 1971 lectures at the Medical University of Hannover ("Physics for Medical Technical Assistents"). Standing in for numerous lectures. Person in charge of courses, student labs, diploma and doctoral theses. Webmaster for the internet pages of the Section and of the the GEO project.

    "Isotope shift and configuration mixing in the Dy II spectrum" (Ph.D. thesis, Hannover 1977).
    More than 60 publications in scientific journals: Journal of Physics, Zeitschrift für Physik, Physica, Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables, Lecture Notes in Physics, Classical and Quantum Gravity a.o.

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